Team Members

Our projects are multidisciplinary and we are constantly looking for members with good hands-on skills. If you are interested in experimental optics, and can thrive in a dynamic research setting, there may be a position for you!  We also host students for shorter projects.

Past Graduate Students
Sergio Loarte, MSc (TU-Delft)
Li Chengcan, MSc 2018
Programmable Beamsplitter Array for Integrated Photonic Circuit (18)
Ma Hongyan, MSc
Investigation on Radiation Damage for Geiger-mode APD (18)
Rakthitha Chandrasekara, PhD
A Cubesat compatible electronics platform for miniaturized photon pair sources (17)
Chabely Pollier, MSc (TU-Delft)
System design and orbit analysis for SpooQySat-1 (15)

Past Undergraduates
Rajesh Mishra
Laser Driver for CubeSats (18)
Kow Yong Sheng
Characterization of directional coupling on a Polydimethylsiloxane waveguide platform (16)
Sara Engardt
Random number generator using avalanche photodiode darkcounts (16)
Ng Kian Fong
Stretchable waveguide for flexible photonic circuit (15/16)
Brian Alan Sifringer
A versatile rack-based interface for quantum optics experiments (15)
Tan Bo Xue
Measurement of Propagation Loss in a Planar Waveguide Using Fabry-Perot Cavity (14/15)
Shaun Lung
Modification of the small photon entangling quantum system for terrestrial use
Li Zixi
Constructing a spectrometer using tunable bandpass filters (14) 
Samuel Wang Xiande
Fast Algorithm for Light Weight Beam Steering via a Risley Prism Pair (14)
Li Jiang
Extreme Cooling of Laser Diodes (12)

Kenneth Ho Jun Hao
Correlated Photon Pair Source for Telecommunications (17/18)
Ng Kian Fong
Stretchable waveguides for flexible photonics circuits (16/17)
Ang De Rong
A study in efficient multimode fiber coupling of type-I spontaneous parametric down-conversion entangled photon pair sources (16/17)
Tan Bo Xue
Device fabrication using femotosecond laser direct write method (15/16)
Samuel Wang
Understanding the brightness and heralding efficiency of parametric downconversion sources (14/15)
Li Jiang
Collinear Source of Correlated Photon Pairs (12/13)
Isaac R. H. G. S. I
Quantum Optical Tests with Satellites (12/13)
Brigitta Septriani 
Experiments with Thermal System for Satellite Instrumentation (12/13)

(L to R)
Bai Xueliang, Ng Kian Fong, Rak, Tang Zhongkan, Robert Bedington, Kai Cui, Chithrath, Tang Zong Sheng, Nguyen Hong Nhung, Grigori D. Matein, Alexander Lohrmann, Debashis DeMunshi, Alexander Ling, Letizia Ventura, Soe Moe Thar, Tanvirul Islam, Aitor Villar, Karthik Ilangovan and James A. Grieve

Current Members:
Tom Vergoosen
Subash Sachidananda
Soe Moe Thar
Ng Kian Fong
Gregory Langue
Harsh Kumar
Lim Huai Ying
Ayesha Reezwana
Marie Reinecke
Clarence Lim

Past Members:
Tang Zhongkan
Filip Aukzstol
Nguyen Hong Nhung
Letizia Ventura
Karthik Ilangovan
Debashis Demunshi
Rakhitha Chandrasekara
Tang Zong Sheng
Lincoln Lew
Kadir Durak
Tan Yue Chuan
Brigitta Septriani
Eddie Truong-Cao
Cliff Cheng
Hung Do
Yau Yong Sean
                                Rohit Ramakrishnan
                                           Guo Ruixiang
William Morong
 Subash Sachidananda

Past Interns:
Li Xi
Paul Thrane
Madhav Gupta
Kai Cui
Jonathan Ang
Grigori D. Matein
Kirthanaa Indurmathi
                                              Arian Stolk
Patrick Wade
Umit Alkus
Jatadhari Mishra
Alvin Kow
Bertram Lim
Albert Miao
Tan Wei Hou
Chua Mengshuen
Francis Murphy
                                        Kevin Henrichs
Ernest Tan
Loh Hsin-Pin
         Tristan Irvine