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Alexander Lohrmann


I started my work at CQT in 2017, with the goal to further improve the Small Photon-Entanglement Quantum System, SPEQS, developed here at CQT. The team’s mission is to demonstrate the technology that is required to enable a global space-based quantum telecommunication network.

The entangled photon source SPEQS placed aboard a small CubeSat satellite is the key component of such a network that would enable secure communication over great distances via a space link.


Before I joined the CQT team, my research focussed on the realisation of chip-scale quantum light sources for the generation of single-photons at room temperature. Such light sources are the equivalent of conventional light emitting diodes, with the difference that they can emit a single photon at a time.

Publication record on Google Scholar.

I completed my PhD at the University of Melbourne, Australia, in 2017 on “Optically and electrically driven single-photon emission in SiC” under the supervision of Prof Steven Prawer.

Before my PhD, I finished a Masters degree at the Ruhr-Univeristy Bochum, Germany, with the research topic “Electrically driven single-photon emission based on nitrogen-vacancy defects in diamond” under the supervision of Dr Jan Meijer and Prof Alexander Zaitsev (City University of New York).


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