Welcome, visitors! 
I'm Andy Pethan, a teacher at Byron High School in Minnesota.  You are viewing my portfolio of learning from the Winona State University Innovative Instructional Leadership Certificate Program.  I will continue to update this site until courses conclude in Spring 2018.

Areas of academic interest:
I teach primary math classes, with a strong interest in identifying or creating alternative approaches for students who have struggled in the past.  As a math department at Byron, we continue to iterate on a mastery-based model of flipped instruction that emphasizes content mastery and growth-mindset over a traditional linear workflow of lecture, homework, quiz, test.  I am currently co-teaching a new special education-inclusion Algebra course that uses game mechanics to support the class environment.  For our Statistics course, I built a fully open-source curriculum that uses the mastery model infused with project-based learning.  I love to engage with other teachers in my department, my school, and online in the math teacher community known as the #MTBoS (Math Twitter BlogoSphere).  After school, I coach robotics with 10-12th graders and help support the programs in younger grades.

Connect with me:
You can find my past education-related eFolios and my blog at andypethan.com.  If you share my passion for innovation, math, engineering, and engaging struggling learners, I am excited to connect with you!  You can reach me via Twitter, @rockychat3, or via email, andy.pethan AT byron.k12.mn.us.