Interesting Facts

Interesting Facts About Paulding County

1832: Paulding County establishes County Seat: Van Wert.

1838: Indians removed west - "Trail of Tears".

1851: Polk County formed from Paulding and Floyd County.

1852: Paulding County has an area of 324 square miles.

County builds a Calaboose (Jail) in Dallas.

1854: County buys land for Courthouse in Dallas.

1861: First school built in Dallas.

1864: War comes to the county.

Big Battles: Dallas, New Hope, and Pickett's Mill

1882: Railroad comes through Paulding County.

1883: Freight train wreck at Big Raccoon Trestle.

1884: Grand Jury Investigates "Nest of gamblers" in Paulding County.

William B. Hogue, first sherriff of Paulding County died.

1886: Watermelons sold for 2 cents each.

1887: Ice storm kills most fruit.

1892: New courthouse built for Paulding County at a cost of $18,337.

1903: Cotton crops bring in 10,630 bales.

1912: Tornado destroys the third Narroway Baptist Church building.

1915: New Dallas High School cost $15,000.

The new school term was 100 days.

1919: Copper mines close.

1924: Ford Motor Company "Runabout" sold for $265.

1929: "Sunday Excursion" round trip to Atlanta cost $1.25 on the Seaboard Railway.

1934: Seaboard train wreck near Mt. Olivet.

1939: Electric cooking cost $1.75 a month or less.

1941: Paulding farmers planted 100,000 kudzu plants.

1942: Most snow in 50 years at 14 inches.

1945: Paulding County has 3,055 families.