The Paulding County History Museum and Research Library

"The Little Red Schoolhouse"



The State of Georgia actively erected new historical markers from the early 1950s until the mid-1990s. 

During that time, approximately 2,000 markers were installed across our state. The busiest time for the program was during the 1950s in preparation for the centennial of the American Civil War.  The result today is a large number of aging markers located in places that have seen enormous change since their initial installation. Many have sustained damage, and many others are no longer visible or accessible to those wishing to read them. GHS invites communities across the state to help us better assess and understand the maintenance needs of these historical resources.


295 N. Johnston Street, Dallas, Georgia 30132

The "Little Red Schoolhouse Museum" is currently  open Tuesdays 10AM-2PM 

and the second Saturday of every month from 10AM-2PM

It is also open by calling (678) 318-1394 or (404) 867-1879 for an appointment.

We are a 501c3 Nonprofit Organization and depend on donations, membership dues, volunteers, and the sale of our books for the upkeep and maintenance of our historical buildings the Historic Schoolhouse Museum built in 1860s  and the Historic Old Jailhouse built with hand hewn logs.  Under the Home tab at the top of this page are links to our Items for Sale Page, and Membership Page.  You can purchase books and pay membership dues online at each page or click below on TO DONATE CLICK HERE  .   Thank you for your support!


The Paulding History Museum and Research Library, also known as the Little Red Schoolhouse Museum, would like your help in continuing to collect artifacts of Paulding County as well as photos and family histories for our archives to share with our visitors.  We will make copies of them and you can keep the originals.  Our mission is to protect and share these items for present and future generations. 

Our Story

The Paulding County Historical Society was formed in June of 1977 and first met at the Paulding County Courthouse, in Dallas.  It was the brainchild of Hon. William A. Foster, Jr., and others, who were concerned with the preservation of the history and heritage of Paulding County.  Through the years the organization has been at the forefront of preservation efforts in our county and has tried to pass on to each generation a sense of the county's past with an appreciation of it's history.  One such effort is preserving Dallas' first official schoolhouse.

The building that now houses the Paulding History Museum was originally the first schoolhouse in Dallas.  The state charted it in 1860 as the Dallas Male and Female Academy.  In the 1890’s the building became a residence and was later acquired by the First United Methodist Church of Dallas.  Recognizing the historical significance of the building the Methodist Church donated it to the Paulding County Historical Society in 1995.  On January 19, 1997, the school was moved to its current location at 295 North Johnston Street.  There, it was restored to it’s near original condition and dedicated as the Paulding County History Museum on June 13, 1999.


Our Purpose:

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