Pavva Iñupiaq Dancers

Pavva Iñupiaq Dancers
Photo: Pavva Group after Festival of Native Arts performance, March 2015, held at University of Alaska Fairbanks, in Fairbanks, Alaska.
Contact information:

Pavva Iñupiaq Dancers of Fairbanks or
4783 Drake Street
Fairbanks, Alaska, USA
ph. 907-455-4269

Photos: (left) Pavva Group after Powwow 2015 performance, July 2015, held behind Carlson Center, Fairbanks, Alaska; (middle) dance group practice, March 2015, held at Denali Center, Fairbanks, Alaska; (right) our current logo created by Ahnaughuq Amelia K. Topkok, and transfered digitally by Amauguq Mikaela Osborne - Sept. 2014.

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Our calendar has our events and practices.

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