Who I Am & What I write

PAULINE J. ALAMA is a Fantasy Author and a grant writer (no longer primarily freelance, but might take on the occasional gig)

Contact me
You can find me on LinkedIn and Facebook.com/Pauline.J.Alama

If you're interested in my freelance writing service, please contact me at  P a u l i n e J A l a m a [at] verizon [dot] net. I'm also happy to answer questions about my published works at that address.

What I write: Epic fantasy. Comic fantasy. Kick-ass heroines. Strong female characters with more complex strengths than simple butt-kicking. Spiritual fiction. Fairy-tale reboots. Space Opera. Social commentary. Maybe the occasional romance.
My writers' group, the Writers of the Weird, brings together many seriously talented people (as well as humorously talented people) who write science fiction, fantasy, or horror. I hope you'll also take a look at some of their work.