Working Papers

Arni, Patrick, Davide Dragone, Lorenz Goette and Nicolas Ziebarth (2018): «Biased Health Perceptions and Risky Health Behaviors —Theory and Evidence» → draft on request

Arni, Patrick, Amelie Schiprowski (2018): « Strengthening Enforcement in Unemployment Insurance: A Natural Experiment », IZA Discussion Paper 10353

Arni, Patrick, Rafael Lalive, Pierpaolo Parrotta (2018): «Are Weak Ties Strong? How Information on Social Search Affects Job Finding» → draft on request

Arni, Patrick, Yanos Zylberberg (2018): «Unemployment Insurance and Learning: Evidence from Reservation Wages» → draft on request

Arni, Patrick, Xingfei Liu (2018): «The Role of Incomplete Information in Shaping Policy Effects: Evidence from Unemployment Insurance» → draft on request

Arni, Patrick (2017): «What’s in the Blackbox? The Effect of Labor Market Policy on Job Search Behavior, Beliefs and Non-cognitive Skills. A Field Experiment», IZA Discussion Paper 9617

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