welcome @ Patrick Arni 's Site

I am an economist and researcher working primarily in the areas of Public Policy Analysis, Labor Economics and Applied Econometrics.

Assistant Professor (Lecturer) at the University of Bristol

also affiliated to IZA - Institute of Labor Economics in Bonn, CES-ifo in Munich, the Department of Economics at HEC Lausanne, from which I received my PhD, and CAFE at Aarhus University.

In 2014 I was a Visiting Research Scholar at the UC Berkeley, Center of Labor Economics.

A few keywords related to my current empirical research: public policy and behavior; incentive effects in unemployment insurance; investigation of job search behavior; (biased) beliefs, information and policy effects.

To implement these analyses, I work on creating novel combinations of large-scale register data sets and surveys, and I am involved in the setup of randomized field experiments in unemployment insurance.

...using the appropriate empirical approaches, including "big data" methods (like machine learning).


New publication:

Arni/Schiprowski (forthcoming): «Job Search Requirements, Effort Provision and Labor Market Outcomes», Journal of Public Economics