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IMPORTANT: Renewing Flat Front Doors and 'Refuse / Milk Cupboards' To Comply With Fire Safety Laws

UPDATE 19th April 2021

1. The GTCI 'Supply And Install' Offer

2. The GTCI 'Supply Only' Offer


Dear Friends and Members,

Geoff Gordge

It is with great sadness that I inform you of the passing of Geoff Gordge, our dedicated and long standing Chairman of the Park West Residents Association. Geoff had only recently resigned as chairman 13th July 2020 and true to his spirit was still actively serving in PWRA matters after that date.

The PWRA was formed 28th October 2009 out of a mutual resolution between the Landlord and a large group of leaseholders who were in a long standing, expensive and damaging High Court dispute. The PWRA objectives were to improve communications with the Landlord, service charge value, residential amenity at Park West for residents and above all to avoid further expensive and damaging litigation. Geoff stepped forward as Chairman and his contribution over the last eleven years has been both absolutely crucial and profound to those endeavours. Over those years Geoff made countless long distance trips with his dear wife Jean at their own expense in order to attend meetings with the Landlord and officiate at PWRA meetings. It is fair to say that he dedicated most of his retirement to serving the PWRA by engaging with the Landlords agents to make Park West a better place to live, improve relations with the Landlord and bring fair and professional scrutiny to service charge expenditure when and wherever required. As a friend and colleague he will be sorely missed by myself. No doubt many other volunteers who have served and dedicated time within the PWRA will feel the same.

Thank you Geoff for all of your determination, patience and hard work you have put into building up the PWRA. May you rest in peace with your Lord.

Yours sincerely,

Steve Willan

Secretary, PWRA

Interior Refurbishment Schemes from Daniel Dodson and Caroline Fooks

Further to our group meeting 13th July 2020, the appointed interior designer presents the following initial scheme proposals for your reference. Please send your views to the PWRA together with any questions or concerns you may have on the redecoration, CCTV and access control measures being proposed.

Interior Refurbishment Meeting with Caroline Fooks

Monday 13th July @ 3.30pm in the Block 4 foyer

The interior designer for the refurbishment has been appointed and the landlord invites your attendance as above with Caroline Fooks to discuss the design brief and the interior design scheme proposals already exhibited in the Block 4 Foyer. Please make an effort to attend.

The Park West Residents Association

Delayed Annual General Meeting 2020

The Park West Residents Association will hold its 2020 AGM earliest after release of lock down regulations and we can convene the committee. Please keep checking here for further information on the time and location. Stay Safe and Keep Well in the meantime.

All present and prospective members are welcome however due to restrictions on numbers can you please email the Secretary with your name and flat number if you intend to attend when the time arrives.

The new committee will be elected and we welcome new members to stand.

Please email us at admin@parkwestra.co.uk with any issues for the agenda.

If you cannot attend you can vote by proxy or assign it to another member, please likewise email the Secretary beforehand for validation.

If you have received this email twice sorry for that, please let us know and we will trace the duplicate entry in the list.


If you no longer have a flat at Park West and are still getting emails from us please accept our apologies, send us an email and we will remove you from our mailing list



Thank you and see you all there.


The PWRA Team


The PWRA is an independent group of volunteers and now has significant, growing numbers of flats in its membership. We are well on the way to achieving many of our objectives. Thank you for all of your emails and continued support.

If you qualify and agree to uphold our constitution you can become a member of the PWRA free of charge. Click Here and follow the instructions. It takes seconds to sign up. Please tell your neighbours and other owners so that we can act in greater accordance with their views and get official Recognised Tenancy Association status.

Once you have been granted Membership, you can request secure and extended access to the resources of this website with the Members Forum where you can discuss and share information on the important issues that affect living at Park West.


The PWRA Team.

March 2018

Westminster City Council Launch Street Waste Action Team

The PWRA has been contacted by Westminster City Council to participate in their New Anti - Dumping Initiative SWAT. We have been asking for better waste management and patrols for years around the streets of Park West, especially on Park West Place. They they need your feedback to help them target our local area.

Please give them a minute of your time and fill out their survey to help this succeed. 

Thank you.

General Data Protection Regulations

If you no longer wish to be a member of the PWRA please email admin@parkwestra.co.uk and we will delete you from our membership and all future communications.

The PWRA has always required your explicit consent for membership. We will at all times continue to keep your details private according to the strict data policy controls which regulate the PWRA

Service Charges

If you are a leaseholder and sign up to the PWRA we can better advise you on service charge forecasts and building maintenance proposals by Highdorn and the landlord. Sign up on the link above and request to attend meetings.

Questions about the PWRA?

If you have questions about joining the PWRA, please see our FAQ's here. You can also email admin@parkwestra.co.uk and we will gladly respond to your questions or concerns.

Want to buy in Park West? Acting of behalf of a purchaser?

The Park West Residents Association was set up and is run by volunteers to maintain and continually improve living at this fine art deco building in central London. A significant proportion of lessees are now within our membership.

Unfortunately, we cannot give you or your solicitors any advice about your purchase decision as we are not empowered to do. Please do not ask your solicitors to email the PWRA for any such information, they should direct any pre-contract enquiries to Highdorn Company Limited, the managing agent for the landlord. Thank you.

Fire Alarm Tests and Safety Standards

Highdorn have advised us that they will shortly be circulating to us their fire evacuation procedures for occupants of Park West. They advise us that the Fire Alarm is now being tested weekly on Fridays at 2pm

Will all members please log in to the Blog to pick up the latest information on the recent requirements that have been circulated.

Please email your Block Rep for further information.