Why should I join?

If you take an interest the return you get from the money you are spending on service charges you should think seriously about becoming a PWRA member. We are trying to work with the present managing agents to get better efficiency and value for money from our service charges, and how our money is spent delivering the quality of services we should rightly expect. By joining together we will have a greater say in the management of your long term property investment here at this prime London location.

I've heard that the PWRA is connected to a legal dispute?

The PWRA formed in October 28th 2009 and is not in any way involved in any present legal dispute with the Landlord or the Managing Agents. In fact the purpose of establishing the PWRA was to improve communications and relations with the Landlord and the Managing agent to avoid expensive legal disputes, disagreements and to increase the capital values of flats at Park West.

What do I get if I join?

You will be given membership of the PWRA which will give you access to the information resources about Park West on the Members website and blog forums. You will also be able to stand as a committee member and take a seat on the committee in our meetings with the managing agents and contractors to steer the issues that affect the market value of your home or rental investment.

Can you advise me how to deal with a certain matter?

As part of meeting the vision and objectives, the PWRA provides access to information resources and interactive discussion areas concerning properties and the living environment at Park West. As we are not legally empowered to do so, you must not and cannot legally rely upon any information you might find on these resources, please see Terms of Use. We recommend that you always seek your own professional advice if you have the need. Of course, should we need to consult professional advisers on issues that affect our members in the future, by being a member of the PWRA you will have the advantage of lower shared costs.

How big is the PWRA?

We have already gained significant numbers of memberships from leaseholders who have taken the time to investigate fully what we are about and have decided to join us. Not all of our members live at Park West. They are leaseholders that let their flats, but they have decided to improve the quality and value of services they pay for in their service charges which will eventually reflect positively in the rental marketing of their flat, also increasing the capital value of their investments.

I am a Member. If I have an issue, to whom should I take it?

In the first instance you should report all issues to the Highdorn site management as they are paid to look after and manage the building. You can also copy and report the issue to the PWRA by email, who can then raise your concerns officially with Highdorn management.