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SUBMITTED PAPERS (reverse chronological order)

6. Peter Benner and D. P., On the solution of the nonsymmetric T-Riccati equations. March 2020, Submitted.

5. Daniel Kressner, Kathryn Lund, Stefano Massei and D. P., Compress-and-restart block Krylov subspace methods for Sylvester matrix equations. February 2020, Submitted.

4. Julian Henning, D. P., Valeria Simoncini and Karsten Urban, Matrix oriented reduction of space-time Petrov-Galerkin variational problems. December 2019.

3. D. P. and Patrick Kürschner, On the convergence of Krylov methods with low-rank truncations. September 2019, Submitted.

2. D. P., Matrix equation techniques for certain evolutionary partial differential equations. August 2019, Submitted.

1. D.P., The projected Newton-Kleinman method for the algebraic Riccati equation. Jan 2019, Submitted.

ARTICLES IN REFEREED JOURNALS (reverse chronological order)

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