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Associate Professor for Numerical Mathematics and Linear Algebra at Leipzig University of Applied Sciences (HTWK Leipzig)

Office: Z415, Zuse-Bau, Gustav-Freytag-Straße 42, 04277 Leipzig

Email: patrick[dot]kuerschner[at]htwk-leipzig[dot]de

Research interests:

Numerical and applied (multi)linear algebra, methods for eigenvalue problems, linear systems, matrix equations and matrix functions, preconditioning, (generalized) Krylov subspace methods, tensor methods, model order reduction, mathematical system and control theory, systems of polynomial equations, computational aspects of digital signal processing, data science & machine learning



Applied and Numerical Linear Algebra at GAMM Annual Meeting:

05/2022: Silvia Gazzola (Uni Bath) and I are organizing the Section S17 on Applied and Numerical Linear Algebra at the 92nd Annual Meeting of the International Association of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics (GAMM 2022); taking place in Aachen, August 15 – 19, 2022.

New Paper:

06/2021: Systems of polynomial equations, higher-order tensor decompositions and multidimensional harmonic retrieval: A unifying framework. Part II: The block-term decomposition with Jeroen Vanderstukken, Ignat Domanov, Lieven De Lathauwer, SIAM J. on Matrix Analysis and Applications, 42(2):913–953, 2021; [preprint]

New Paper:

02/2021: On the convergence of Krylov methods with low-rank truncations with D. Palitta; Numerical Algorithms, 88:1383–1417 , 2021.

Special Issue on "Matrix Equations and Symmetry":

11/2020: Prof. Dr. Matthias Voigt (UniDistance Suisse) and I are serving as Guest Editors for a Special Issue on "Matrix Equations and Symmetry" in the MPDI Journal: Symmetry.

New Paper:

09/2020: Numerical computation and new output bounds for time-limited balanced truncation of discrete-time systems with Igor Pontes Duff; Linear Algebra and its Applications, 2020.

New Paper:

Inexact methods for the low rank solution to large scale Lyapunov equations with M. Freitag, BIT Numerical Mathematics, 2020 [preprint]