Summer Camp at Cub World

Summer Cub Scout camp is held at Cub World. You can google the location but it’s off of the Wards Corner Exit east of I-71 on I-275.

If you sign up early scouts usually receive a free Slushie every day of camp. I know my kids enjoyed this so I want to make sure everyone has a chance to get it. This doesn’t mean that after the free Slushie date you can’t still sign up. It just means you’ll have to do it yourself and keep the receipt to get reimbursed out of your scout’s scout account if you have the funds.

“What do you mean get reimbursed?” Well, Camping is part of scouting and in being part of scouting, you can use your son’s scout account funds to pay for it. If your son sold popcorn, he should have some money in it. If you need to know how much, you can ask our Treasurer. We’ll be collecting money at the April Pack Meeting for everyone that signs up. You can settle up with what’s in the scout account then and pay anything additional you need to.

Back to Summer Camp, the pack will pick date of a 3 or 4 day camp. Camp will usually start at 10:00 AM that Thursday and end around 8:00 PM Saturday. The agenda each day rotate around but the core activities are, swimming, archery, BB shooting, fishing, rank based activities ( usually covers some electives), meals, and pack time. The days are full and I’ve never seen anyone bored or not enjoying themselves.

The cost for the 3 day Summer camp is approximately, $135 per scout and $20 per adult if you sign up before May 15th. Signing up after May 15th the cost goes up to $150 per scout and $20 per adult. Note: these costs are approximate as council set the cost of these camps.

Having attended a lot of the summer camps with my son, I would encourage a parent to go with their scout so they can share in the enjoyment. I have also seen some scouts get homesick if a parent isn’t there and though there are trained Pack and camp leaders who are trained to help with home sickness, if a parent goes, it just takes that issue away. Since the pack is going together we should have enough pack leaders there to handle kids whose parents can’t attend if that’s necessary.

For Webelo’s who will be AOL’s next year, Summer Camp is a very cool experience. On the last night you spend there, they have Outpost which is where they take all the AOL scouts and go camp outside under the stars. For AOL parents, this means you are free to go do what you want, head home for the night, go out to dinner at a restaurant, or just hang out kid free. I personally enjoyed it last year and went to Roosters for a great dinner of wings and appetizers with a few other parents who had AOL kids. The AOL parents just have to be back at camp the next morning’s flag raising when the AOL scouts return from outpost. Camping under the stars is an AOL requirement so it’s a great way to get that knocked out early.

For all scouts attending summer camp, you don’t have to bring much of anything. They have canvas tents that contain two metal spring bed frames with a mattress pad on top. Cub World takes care of all the meals. The only thing the scouts need to bring are the camping basics. Here’s a list of what they recommend bringing:

Some additional reading can be found here, scroll down till you see 3 or 4 Day Resident Camp Adventures:

That link also has the under 72 hours medical forms you would need to fill out for any scouting camp.

This link has some cub world information along with links to register for family camp (1 night), 3 day or 4 day resident camp along with day community camp that doesn’t involve an overnight: