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Dayton Dragons Overnight

This knowledge is just from doing it last year for the first time so I'm assuming nothing has changed since then.

You'll just need to bring a few things.  Tent, sleeping bags, and pillows should about do it.  You can't stake the tent into the field so no need to bring stakes.

When you first get to the game, don't bring any camping stuff into the stadium.  Leave it all in the car and it doesn't matter where you park, you'll be moving your car closer to the field  after the game.

Last year, we just sat on the grass in the outfield.  This year it looks like we have actual seats so that will be slightly more comfortable.

Once the game is over, they will clear the stadium.  Last year we walked back to our car and moved it to a lot on the left hand side of the stadium by some condos I believe.  The lot is right off the road and really close to the front of the stadium.  You'll carry or roll all your stuff up to the front of the stadium and wait till they open it back up.

Once they open it up, you'll give them your overnight ticket and signed waiver.  If you forget the waiver, they will have extras there.

You'll proceed down to the field where you'll set up your tent.  You can set it up anywhere.  I tried to pick a spot far enough back that I could watch the movie on the big screen through my tent door.  They will have popcorn and I haven't heard what movie they are showing yet.  Last year it was Minions.

In the morning, they have a small breakfast.  I don't know exactly what they have because we just packed up and left and had breakfast at Bob Evan's in Middletown.

Overall it's a fun time and well worth the ticket cost.  Let me know if you have any additional questions.