Welcome to Pack 27!

Welcome to Pack 27 Cub Scouting 2022-23!

Serving Boys Grades K-5 from all Schools in Glen Rock and surrounding towns.

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Pay Annual Dues for 2022-23 below:

$175.00 for renewal

$200.00 for first time Scouts

Cubmaster's Corner

Welcome to Pack 27's 2022-23 Cub Scout program. I am excited and thrilled to kick-off another exciting year of Scouting at Pack 27!

It is not possible for one leader to make this program a success for your children. It takes the dedication & help of dozens of parents to assist as Den Leaders, Committee Members, and Event Volunteers. We continue to solicit parent volunteers - please help where you can to make this scout year a success! If you are a parent interested in becoming a Den Leader (any grade), please call me. The Pack's leadership team is planning a number of fantastic events for the Scouts this year!

Yours in Scouting

Jim Trousdale, Brad Simpson

Cubmaster - Pack 27