Creating electrode sleeve

One of the major challenges we need to overcome is to create a sleeve that we can use to mount the 17 electrodes and have it use 'dry' electrodes instead of the 'wet' electrodes that we have been using until now. The 'wet' electrodes (that you have to stick on the arm) cause skin irritation and make the device difficult to put on and take off. 

We have been testing out some state of the art dry electrodes provided to us by North Carolina University and now want to glue them into a sleeve that can easily be worn below the clothes and keep the electrodes in place. This sleeve would be really easy to put on and take off.


We are still scoping out the requirements - Help us :)
  • We are currently sewing together our first prototype. It is a fabric sleeve made from stretchable fabric that can be velcroed around the arm. We are gluing on the dry electrodes and will use this as the initial prototype to inform our ideas further.