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My daughter and I have been building an assistive robotic arm with the help of many people from all over the world who are far smarter than we are. This device is designed to increase the chances of her rehabilitation and to provide her greater use of her arm. Here is the back story

At each stage we have been posting questions and videos of challenges we are having, asking for advice from experts. On this page we are documenting our current challenges.

If you can help please do! All our joint work is openly available for anyone to use and share! There are thousands of kids like my daughter who could really benefit from your support!

  Disclaimer: My daughter and I don't know what we are doing, we are not experts in this field and have no medical training! All information, thought, and code described here is intended for informational and educational purposes only. This site makes no attempt at HIPAA privacy compliance. Use of code is without warranty or support of any kind. Please review the LICENSE found within each repository for further details. Use at your own risk, and do not use the information or code to make medical decisions.


Building a Bridge    

We have learned a lot from the first few versions of the assistive arm. Using what we have learned we are moving from using a single muscle sensor and signal to using a method that will require us to pick up multiple signals from the arm. We will need to build a bridge to carry up to 8 channels of raw muscle signal data to a Raspberry Pi. 

If you have experience in electronics, myoelectric signals and can help us figure out how to build a bridge between 17 electrodes and a Raspberry Pi, then please help!

Help Us > Build a Bridge
Building a Bridge

Recreating Software as Open Source


We have found a few examples of how we could use machine learning and pattern recognition to recognize weak muscle signals. CoApt is a great example and we have been using their evaluation unit to help Lorelei exercise her arm and it works really well! 

We now want to replicate this software and build an Open Source version that we can share alongside everything else in this project. If you have any expertise in Python programming, machine learning or something else that is relevant we could use your help!

Help us > Recreat software as Open Source
Recreating Software as Open Source

Creating electrode sleeve

One of the major challenges we need to overcome is to create a sleeve that we can use to mount the 17 electrodes and have it use 'dry' electrodes instead of the 'wet' electrodes that we have been using until now. The 'wet' electrodes (that you have to stick on the arm) cause skin irritation and make the device difficult to put on and take off. 

We have been testing out some state of the art dry electrodes provided to us by North Carolina University and now want to glue them into a sleeve that can easily be worn below the clothes and keep the electrodes in place. This sleeve would be really easy to put on and take off.

Help Us > Creat an electrode sleeve 

Creating electrode sleeve