OTSM-TRIZ is a theory.OTSM is the russian acronym of ''General Theory of Powerful Thinking'', and TRIZ is the russian acronym of ''Theory of Inventive Problem Solving''. Both are based on the contradiction, and three postulates. If your problem can't be described as a contradiction, then TRIZ can't help you.
So, let stop with the acronyms, and discover this theory through its tools.

OTSM-TRIZ, and TRIZ, are parts of a general theory. Describing them through a classical way seems to me a very difficult task (I don't say impossible, because this word is too hard...).

That's why I decide to present this Theory through its tools and the links between them. You will also find other pages, like PQI , that are not part of TRIZ, but that can have some value added in the process of innovation.

Some tools

To begin with the solving process, you need before to know the different tools that you can use. Or you can discover these tools during this process. Clicking on the title of a page (on this one the title is OTSM-TRIZ tools, you will find a Mindmap with all the concepts concerning the theme of the page.
And here a direct link to all the tools.

Other references

You will find a bibliography on this site.

And in the way of TRIZ, but slightly different