A new member joined the MRFHA Board in July 2021: Welcome Susan Prince to the Board.

Cabin owners are always welcome to contact us about upcoming open positions if they are interested in contributing to the association.

Current Board Membership

Board Member Status As of July, 2021

Carol Wall(Secretary) First term expires 6/30/22

Barbara Brazelton Second term expires 6/30/22

Don Hicks (Treasurer) Second term expires 6/30/22

Ted Hogan (President) Second term expires 6/30/23

Melinda McIntyre Second term expires 6/30/23

Meggins Tuchmann First term expires 6/30/23

Susan Prince First term expires 6/30/24

Carol Enyart Second term expires 6/30/24

Bill Failing Third term expires 6/30/24

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