You do not have to be an artist to benefit from a Creative Life Practice

What is OTOA Creative Life Practice ?

OTOA Creative Life Practice offers the practice and principles for creative, personal & professional actualization, manifestation and transformation, with practical benefits for the practice of creating your life and creating your life as practice.

All workshops are led by

OTOA Founder & Master Teacher,

Gia Forakis


"Creativity is something we employ

in the manifestation of all our endeavors." - Gia Forakis


"Creativity is not a talent. It is a way of being.”

- John Cleese

The aim of OTOA CLP is to enrich our lives by reinvigorating our capacity for possibility and strengthening our encounters with aliveness and joy.

OTOA CLP workshops offer participants an understanding of where they stand in relationship to their individual potential for the creation of their life as an ongoing practice.

Photos by Stephanie Shayne

The CLP curriculum is built upon an investigation of the SIX ASPECTS FOR CREATIVITY™ as applied through the One-Thought-One-Action (OTOA)™ technique of incremental thought and action.

The SIX ASPECTS FOR CREATIVITY are the tools and principles for creative actualization, manifestation and transformation.

Photos by Stephanie Shayne

"You could say that OTOA CLP is a course of study for creative actualization.

What I have found in my own practice is that CLP is like a light switch for Enrichment & Joy."

- Gia Forakis

OTOA Creative Life Practice is a course of study in how to create synthesis and a sustainable sense of fulfillment in our daily life practice.

The benefits include a path for enriching your life and discovering a more engaging sense of purpose.

The focus of OTOA CLP teaching is to identify the seemingly intangible and mystical characteristics that are associated with "creativity", discover our relationship with them learn, and learn how to apply them in our personal and professional lives so that we may bring transformation and actualization in the service of our true nature.

"Creativity is not magic. It is life lived in Connection." - Gia Forakis

OTOA CLP™ is based upon the principles of the OTOA Technique, and intended to bring a richer engagement with the present as a path for a building a more fulfilling, abundant, rewarding and worthwhile future.



Seminar, Class, Intensive or Workshop?

Class participation includes: individual and group exercises, writing, ritual, craft making , observation, and dialogue.

Exercises are followed by class discussion and exchange.

Some workshops, but not all, require participants to prepare a pre-class creative exercise before each session and/or on the evenings between contiguous workshop dates. It is advised that you set aside at least 20-30 minutes for these exercises.

Some physical movement may be encouraged, but nothing strenuous or beyond the capacity of the participant’s abilities or level of comfort.

“It's the caliber of our questions, followed by the dedication of our inquiry,

that chart our path through life”

- Gia Forakis

OTOA Creative Life Practice, Mandala © 2017

Gratitude / Generosity

Nature / Purpose

Observation / Receptivity

Vision / Quest

Technique / Discipline

Time / Space

The 6 Aspects of Creativity are the tools we employ in the process of every one of our project, and all aspects of our life.

The 6 Aspects of Creativity are built around the core principle of Connection

Connection is the core of our most primary motivation.

CLICK HERE for insight on all 6 Aspects of Creativity™


" Gia's [Creative Life Practice] classes have been more helpful and enlightening than I could have even imagined, and I find myself using the tools and thoughts you shared with us, daily" ~ Karissa Lang, Artist, Healer, Brooklyn, NY


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Actor & Writer

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OTOA CLP Curriculum Formats

A 90-minute OTOA Creative Life Practice workshop held on the 1st Monday of every month that will explore the principles for creating the practice of your life. CLICK HERE for registration.

The CLP Workshop Series provide participants with scheduling flexibility, as well as the opportunity for a more in-depth investigation of CLP's 6 Aspects for Creative Influence & The Core Principle. Each class is uniquely designed to focus on building a deeper connection with one single aspect through writing, dialogue, ritual, and the principles of One-Thought-One-Action (OTOA). Participants can attend one or more classes in any order of the series. See our SCHEDULE PAGE

After participating in one of the other CLP forums for study, you may discover that you want to go further with a more individual focus to address a specific topic, private concerns, or that you would be more comfortable working one-on-one to address professional roadblocks, obstacles within a single project or personal concerns, or that you are looking for support to make comprehensive changes in more than one area of your life. Even, if you have not participated in one of the group CLP offerings, these are all good ways to make use of Private CLP Coaching, which can be tailored to address your, needs, goals, schedule and budget.

When our schedule and location doesn't match your schedule or geography: You may want to consider bringing an OTOA Creative Life Practice Seminar to your company, institution, classroom, community, business, or private gathering. This option can be tailored to address your, needs, goals, schedule and budget. Proposals for scheduling your own seminar should be submitted 4-8 weeks in advance of your intended date. To explore this option contact visit the CUSTOM WORKSHOPS page.

This workshop focuses on the life practice of the theater artists off of the stage and outside of the rehearsal room. In traditional acting classes and theater training programs, the primary and necessary focus is on the craft of the actor and the business of the performing arts. What is not often addressed is how to live a fulfilling creative life before, during, and after each project. With or without a production, the individual theater artist requires on-going enrichment of their creative life that brings a quality of fulfillment no matter what theater project they are doing and no matter what job they are doing to earn a living.


This format, which meets on one evening each week, for 4 hours, over 6 consecutive weeks, is intended for a deeper investigation into CLP's 6 Aspects for Creative Influence, through weekly creative assignments that engage the participant in an investigation and application of one Aspect of Creative Influence each week. MORE INFORMATION TO COME.


“OTOA is for every human being that needs to get in greater touch with the 'silent' parts of themselves and be fearless to explore life to its fullest, moment to moment.”

- Tony Naumovski, Actor


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CLICK HERE: An Interview with Gia Forakis

In the international journal The Theatre Time

Gia Forakis. Photos by Bill Bernstein.©

Gia explains the origins of OTOA Creative Life Practice...

How did OTOA grow from a Performance Technique into a curriculum for Creative Life Practice?

During the last 15 years that I have been continuing to develop, teach and practice One-Thought-One-Action (OTOA) as a performance technique, it became clear to me that the same OTOA-principles that bring clarity and enrichment to the staged event are equally as meaningful when applied to individual growth.

By applying these same principles that I was teaching to the daily practice in my own life, I discovered personal, professional and creative benefits with wide ranging results.

Essentially, what I was doing was creating my life as if it were any other art, theater, or creative project. And it was through studying my own process, that I saw the benefits of how I could bring the tools used in all creative goals, and the principles of OTOA's incremental thought and action into a wider range of application that would benefit both artists and NON-artists alike.

It was with this intention that I developed the curriculum of OTOA Creative Life Practice (CLP).

What OTOA Creative Life Practice offers is an approach for untangling professional, personal or creative roadblocks. It offers a set of tools and principles for clarifying goals & objectives while also creating the practice of your . OTOA CLP expands our vision & our realms of possibility. It’s a fundamental support system designed to chart a more unified and fulfilling path forward in every field and for any endeavor

- Gia Forakis,

OTOA Founder & Master Teacher

Brooklyn, 2018