The Six Aspects for Creativity

And the Core Principle

Technique / Discipline

MODUS OPERANDI: METHOD & APPROACH: It's one thing to pursue your career. It's another to create your life. But which comes first? Technique or Discipline? Discipline or Technique? The Chicken or the Egg? This course of investigation takes a deeper look at our relationships and associations with Discipline and Technique, how they inform one another, how we can make better use of them, and how to find a holistic and productive creative process that enriches a cohesive life practice.

Observation / Receptivity

TOOLS FOR CHANGE & CONNECTION: The focus for this course of study is learn how to recognize and to strengthen an awareness of Inner & Collective Intelligence by focusing on the qualities of our personal and individual alertness, re-consideration of belief systems, and re-invigorating encounters with abundance. How we observe and receive the world has a direct impact on defining the world we live in

Nature / Purpose

THE ORGANIZING PRINCIPLE (just what you were looking for): Connection is the core principle of any creative practice: connection with our individual nature, and connection to something greater than ourselves: our purpose. From this perspective harmony, fulfillment and prosperity are able to support all of our endeavors. This course of study investigates the route towards connecting with our primary core truth, our Nature/Purpose, and our organizing principles for achievement, recognition, remuneration and other measures of success.

Time / Space

THE MEDIUM as FRAMING DEVICE: This investigation is intended to encourage a new awareness of temporal and spatial reality where time and space are mediums that we craft and create. How can we use them to our best purpose? We will consider how the principles of One-Thought-One-Action (OTOA) ™ offer clarity and satisfaction to our projects, our relationships, our work, and the world we inhabit. We will also will explore some of the many paradoxes of time and space, e.g.: that it 's by slowing down that we may become better equipped to go further, farther, faster.

Vision / Quest

THE AVENUE TO ACTUALIZATION: It is through the caliber of our questions, followed by the dedication of our inquiry, that we chart our path through life. The focus of this class is to investigate how to more productively harness the tools for creative manifestation, for untangling obstacles, and for achieving our goals and visions. "The Journey is where I'm going."

Gratitude / Generosity

"INSTANT KARMA" : THOUGHT IN ACTION: This single Aspect of Creative Influence is one of the most readily available tools we have for manifesting growth, change and transformation in all areas of our lives: personally, professionally and creatively. In this course of study we explore our complicated relationships to Gratitude & Generosity and how that impacts our relationships towards others and towards ourselves. In these ways we will look at the ways in which we can expand our capacity for abundance, healing, and bringing about positive change... one thought, one action at a time.

The Core Principle: Connection

THE ROSE & THE ROSE BUSH: :Each one of us is like the exquisite grace , allure and beauty of a rose blossom, a unique expression of life. However, in reality we live and thrive within a community of other rose blossoms all drawing our sustenance from a central source of Connection, a life giving rose bush: the thing that connects us. It is our connection to one another, and to something greater than ourselves, that is the key to the realm of abundance, peace, joy, and a deep sense of fulfillment.