Trend mining

Currently, I am focusing on the tremit - the TREnd MIning Tool.

tremit, is being developed with two goals in mind. Foremost it is to create a flexible and extensible tool for mining trends in different data sets with the aim of providing sufficient interpretability of the trend mining results. Our current database consists mainly of web document corpora but we are working on extending the tool for interpretation also of WiFi-data and mobile user data. The tool allows us to experiment with, and test, different mining algorithms providing valuable feedback to our research on trend mining. Our secondary goal is to develop a general trend mining tool that offers various built-in functions, allowing the application of several analysis methods on different data sets with temporal aspect.

Thirdly, we want to enable interested people with an easier introduction to the research on trend mining by providing a way to test and experiment with known results as implemented in tremit.

More on tremit page here!