Research projects

2016-2017 DEMIS
at Robert Koch Institute in Berlin as a research engineer.

DEMIS - Deutsches Elektronisches Meldesystem für den Infektionsschutz is a research project at Robert Koch Institute that focuses on a national system for surveillance of infectious diseases. 

2016 TreMiSR-AUC
partially funded by Freie Universität Berlin - Profund Innovation. * TreMiSR-AUC is currently "on hold" *.

The main focus of the Trend Mining for Situation Recognition-Applications and Use Cases project is the suitable application of the research on trend mining for situation recognition as well as the presentation of the use cases in the project development tool – tremit

2014-2015 TreMiSR 
funded by German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), at National Institute of Informatics in Tokyo as a postdoctoral researcher.

The goal of the Trend Mining for Situation Recognition project is to create intelligent, context-aware methods for situation recognition. In particular, we are focusing on sensor-free technology that aims in assisting elderly people in their comfortable living, despite the handicaps that one experiences being elderly. Hereby the trend mining is being applied into the context of wireless networks.

2009-2013 Trend Mining
partially funded by BMBF and IBB at Freie Universität Berlin in Berlin as PhD student.

Doctoral thesis project.

2008-2013 CSW
funded by German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), at Freie Universität Berlin in Berlin as a full time researcher.

The Corporate Semantic Web project was based on three research pillars: semantic search, semantic collaboration and ontology engineering. We laid the foundations for corporate semantic web and created the CSW community in Germany, contributed to knowledge transfer into industrial partners and pursued research in cooperation with our industrial partners. I was involved in the semantic search pillar for three years and in the semantic collaboration pillar for two years, contributing with different approaches mainly from the area of text mining and natural language processing, tagging and collaborative ontologies, data and trend mining.

2006-2008 TREMA
funded by Investitionsbank Berlin (IBB), at Freie Universität Berlin in Berlin, as a full time researcher.

Trend Mining, Fusion and Analysis of Multimodal Data project focused mainly on mining trends in both textual and numeric data. With regard to the applications in market studies and financial market, the TREMA team developed a prototype of a trend mining platform. My main contribution to the project was the engineering and implementation of the ontologies for the trend mining platform as well as providing machine learning tools to support the text mining component. Among the experts in statistics, financial markets, market research and information retrieval, my role was the knowledge engineering and data mining expert.

2005 PIA 
funded by Distributed Artificial Intelligence Labor Berlin (DAI-Lab), at Technische Universtität Berlin in Berlin as a full-time student research assistant.

The Personal Information Assistant project from DAI-Lab in Berlin, Germany, focuses on delivering personal news to its users. In 2005 while working as a student/programmer in PIA project, I pursued my diploma thesis on Classification and Generating of User-specific Domains with Machine Learning Methods and Algorithms.  My main contribution to the project was research on suitable machine learning methods for user domains. This included the tests of different algorithms for providing user-specific news and the implementation of the adjusted decision tree algorithms into the agent-based news platform.