Beyond CS

Enjoy, embrace and engineer-it is your lifetime!

What a great day in June 2015! Active English speaking about technology and science with students from Musashino University in Tokyo at 日本科学未来館 (Miraikan - Japanese National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation). We have learned a lot from the guided tour prepared by the students. Our discussions about new technology, environment and its preservation ended up in South Africa talking about Kevin Richardson's Wildlife Sanctuary.

Beyond research in computer science, I am always happy to support projects that contribute to our environment and create better living for others. I admire people who, despite the obstacles, invest their energy and pursue their ideas or undertake activities that serve common public interest.

In October 2013 I was lucky to volunteer for Kevin & Mandy Richardson's Lion's Kingdom, in Dinokeng close to Pretoria, South Africa. Working for the lions, leopards, and hyenas was an amazing adventure and an unforgettable experience. Being able to participate in Kevin's walks with the lions and facing their close presence one feels even deeper respect for the nature and just has to deliberate on its great intelligence.

We bring experiment's fun-box into lions enclosure. Kevin being hugged by the lioness in the free walk. Watching lions before feeding.