I am a passionate computer scientist and research engineer, currently living in Berlin. Recently, I worked as a postdoc at the National Institute of Informatics in Tokyo, Japan. Previously, I worked as a full time researcher at Freie Universität Berlin, Germany.
I hold the Dr. rer. nat. (doctoral/PhD) degree in computer science from Freie Universität Berlin and Dipl.-Inform. (Diploma in computer science, equivalent to M.Sc.) degree from Technische Universität Berlin.
Having broad research experience in the area of applied A.I. including approaches from Semantic Web and Information Retrieval, Text/Data Mining and Machine Learning, recently I have mainly focused on Trend Mining
While simple engineering is typically about making things work, I am always curious about looking deeper behind them, deliberating on the theory and the formalization in the background. That is how my approach to mining trends in web documents emerged. 
Currently I am interested in applying the results of my recent research focusing on temporal analysis of different kind of data.

2014, in Odaiba.