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Note: my office hour for students with questions is every Tuesday 2-3pm, room EM1.40

Research Methods, Critical Thinking, and Project Planning (F21RP2)

2014 Schedule  : Location: EM 182

Lecture 1: wednesdays 14.15
Lecture 2: wednesdays 15.15
Tutorials:   wednesdays 16.15
Seminars: (MSc students are expected to attend all Seminars)

Important: read the student guide to plagiarism

** Note:  you need to score 45% or above on this course to be permitted to continue to the full MSc dissertation **

MSc projects: online system (Choose: "MSc projects")

Week 1,   wed 15 January

L1: Course Introduction and Overview (Hastie): 30 mins [Lemon away at H2020 meeting]
L1/L2: Literature Review (Sarah Kelly) - search 1 hour, referencing 30 mins   
(no tutorial)   *confirmed* 

Week 2,    wed 22 January

L1: Experimental Design and Statistical Methods (Lemon) 
L2: Project Planning and Scheduling (Hastie) 
Tutorial: Project planning exercise (Hastie)  

Week 3,  wed 29 January

L1:  Professional, Legal, and Ethical Issues (Taylor)  
L2:  Professional, Legal, and Ethical Issues (continued, Taylor)  
Tutorial:  Usability Design Exercise (Hastie)   NOTE LOCATION = EM2.50

Week 4,  wed 5 Feb

L1:    Professional, Legal, and Ethical Issues (Nick Taylor) 
L2:   Introduction to Evaluation (Andy Taylor)   
Tutorial: Evaluation Exercise (Lemon)  

Week 5,  wed 12 Feb

Usability Design (Michaelson)   *confirmed* 
L2:  Attribution and Collaboration (Michaelson)  *confirmed* 
Tutorial: Attribution and Collaboration Exercise (Lemon) 

Week 6, wed 19 Feb ** READING WEEK **

Week 7, wed 26 Feb
L1 : Technical Writing (Hastie)  
L2:  Technical Writing (continued, Hastie)  

Tutorial: Experimental Design Exercise (Lemon) 

Week 7 onwards: write your Research Report, and meet with your project supervisor

Deadline:         7th APRIL 2014:       3.30pm         Deliverable:  Research Report 

- Submit pdf online using Vision (file must be less than 20 MB) *and submit 2 printed copies to the School Office - room EM 1.25 * 

You must use this style or else agree a different style with your project supervisor.

Advanced Interaction Design (F21AD) - web page

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