Ragged Crow Morris Dancers 

Ragged Crow Morris Dancers carry on the traditional English custom of Morris Dancing and we would love to come dance at your festival/fair/pub/house/convention.  Check out our website or facebook page to find out more.

If you think you would enjoy joining our morris side why not contact us now, it's a great way to keep fit as well as carry on an ancient tradition.  You will need a sense of rhythm, a sense of humour and a willingness to practice every week so that we can put on a great show when we dance in public. We dance in sets of 4, 6 or 8 and have musicians who play English concertina,  bodhran  and recorder. 

Drop us a note if you think you may be interested in having us at your event or in joining our merry group. 

 We are an energetic group that practice every week during the winter and spring and dance out most weekends during the summer.   We get booked to dance at school and community fairs and other events around the region where we encourage audience participation.   

For extra effect and drama at night time performances we sometimes use flaming torches ....all good fun.   

Dancing in front of an audience is hard work so when the dancers are getting their breath back our talented musicians can take over and play a wide variety of music to entertain when the dancers are resting.

 When we don't have an organised booking we take ourselves off on a bit of a tour of the region and dance on open street spaces, pubs, parks and anywhere that people might stop and have a look.