Pace Egging Ceremony

Every Easter Sunday at 2pm the traditional pace-egging ceremony takes place at Central Park, Brooklyn in Wellington.

Hosted by a local Morris Dancing Side, White Rose of Wellington, assisted by other sides Britannic Bedlam Morris Gentlemen and Pride of Holland Street, this event has entertained children and parents for many years. Indeed many parents now bring their children along because they remember taking part as children themselves.

Children bring decorated eggs and eggs for rolling (hard-boiled!!!). There are chocolate Easter eggs as prizes for the various age-groups.

The origins of this event are (of course) lost in the mists of time, but the current event follows an established pattern:

Firstly, while everyone gathers (and warms up, stretches etc), the morris dancers do some dancing. If you're lucky they may sing the traditional song.

Then, time to judge the decorated eggs that children have brought along.

Next, time for the egg-rolling competition - whose eggs can get the furthest down the hill

Both these competitions are divided into age-groups

Finally the most exciting part, the raw egg catching (or not!) competition. Lots of fun, particularly for spectators. Eggs will be supplied.