There are a number of annual morris events to which all dancers are invited...
January: New Zealand Morris Dancing Tour a week long event held in different parts of the country each year

2018 Winter Solstice June Hots
2018 Spring Equinox Sept Phoenix
2019 Summer Tour Jan Winchester, near Geraldine

2019 Autumn Equinox March Bedlam
2019 Winter Solstice June Rosewood
2019 Spring Equinox Sept Hots
2020 Summer Tour Jan 03-08 Napier, hosted by HOTS
February: Medieval Market (held in Levin), host side Rosewood second Saturday in February

February: Bedlam Founder's Day - February Saturday closest to 22nd
Easter Sunday: Pace-egging Ceremony in Wellington, 2pm at the top of the cable car
May 1st: CAMD celebrate Mayday on the top of Mt Eden, see the Events page
October: Blenheim, Vintage birthday celebrations

Boxing Day: Wellington, 2pm at the top of the cable-car
Additionally there are regular folk festivals at which dancers are likely to appear!
Whare Flat, just out of Dunedin over New Year (when the tour is in South Island, it will aim to start following this)
Auckland Folk Festival, Auckland Anniversary weekend late January, workshops
Wellington Folk Festival, Labour Weekend (late October), workshops
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