Map of the North Weymouth Cemetery


This is an overview of the North Weymouth Cemetery. The dark green areas are embankments, and the brown areas are woods.  For a more detailed look at the cemetery from the air, you can go to  and click on the Online Property Viewer on the left. Select 126 Norton St for the address, and you can see an ariel view of the cemetery.

The sections and roads in the cemetery do not have marked names or signs, but we refer to them by certain names. The triangular area near the Abigail Adams house on Norton St is referred to as the "Abigail Section". The large rectangle section in the  middle of the cemetery is "Up Top".  The old side of the cemetery which is separated from the main side is "Old North". The new, small section on North St is referred to as the "North St. Section", and the large flat section on Norton St is the "New Cemetery",  and attached to that running up alongside Bleakney Drive is the 'New Section". 

The Red box near  the word Norton St is the Chapel building where we have our office.  The smaller red box is the receiving tomb.