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Abandoned Lots

The following are grave lots that were purchased in the North Weymouth Cemetery (Old North) for which there are no apparent living owners. According to the cemetery by-laws, lots are inheritable by the heirs of the purchaser. Over time however, families can lose track of who has legal right to the lots. 
According to Massachusetts General Law, Chapter 114, Section 3A, "No cemetery corporation created by special charter or organized under the provisions of section one shall take over ownership of an unoccupied grave unless a minimum of seventy-five years has elapsed after issuance of a license for the grave by the cemetery corporation or its predecessor in interest; and the cemetery corporation cannot locate the license holder or the holder’s successor in interest after making a diligent search." 
In other words, after 75 years from the time the deed was issued, unused lots may be re-claimed by the cemetery if their owners or the owners heirs cannot be located. For this reason we are advertising lots that we consider abandoned, that have had no activity in many years, and that may have available empty space in them. 
IF YOU FEEL YOU ARE THE HEIR TO ONE OF THESE LOTS:  You will have to prove you have rightful ownership to the lot. That means you will have to show not only are you a descendant of the original owner, but that the lot should rightfully pass to you specifically, and not other descendants. This is done by either possession of the original deed, or by showing right of inheritance through the owner's  wills. 

Please note that the cemetery can not do the research for you to determine whether you are a rightful heir. You will have to provide proof of ownership as stated above. 

Looking for the owners of :

LOT 215         Hunt, Cyrus D   

LOT 235  Hunt, Annie

LOT 260  Hackett, C. H.

LOT 286   Reed, Martha B

LOT 287 Damon, Charles H  

LOT 289

LOT290 Haynes, Arthur

LOT335         Loud, Chas Elliot & Joseph Prince

LOT360-361 Pratt, Laban

LOT 392 Mason, Lucretia A

LOT403 ½  White, George E

LOT403 ½ Bradford, Annie 

LOT425/425    Walker, George E

LOTS 447 & 446 Johnson, Henry F

LOT 452 Webster, Dr. David

LOT464 Dyer, Sarah

LOT485 Holbrook, William

LOT 490 Holbrook, J. H.

LOT 493 Burrell (Burrill), Richmond

LOT 509 – 510 P. C. Chandler

LOT 561 Pratt, Rev. William A

LOT 803 Pratt, Emma M

LOT 807W 1/2 Lewis, Preston

LOTS 813- 814 Shippee, Charles W and Carl C

LOT 941W (REV.) Hayford, Nathan  (Nathaniel) H.