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These are some photos of damage done by hurricanes and storms in the last 25 years.

GLORIA: 1985

Paul Cope: caretaker from 1985-2009, cutting a tree in the aftermath of Hurricane Gloria. This was his first year on the job, and what a welcome! This photo was taken by a Weymouth police officer, and is probably on Norton St, near the Abigail Adams house.

BOB: August 1991

Most of the damage from Bob was in the Abigail section, where tall honey locus trees toppled over from the triangle lot behind the Abigail Adams house. Also lost in this storm was one of the beautiful white pine trees near the North St. gate and the Ambler lot. One of four white pines on that corner, it was soon followed when we lost another during the "Perfect Storm" or the 'no name' Halloween storm that year.

Irene: August 2011

While Irene was forecast to be quite the storm, she didn't really do too much damage. Most of the damage at the cemetery was centered around the Beal St. area, where  an ancient oak tree was snapped off about 15 feet up, and when it came down, it took down numerous smaller trees around it. Irene also toppled one headstone, when a branch from another oak knocked over  the Stiles stone up top. Oddly, the stone actually landed on the limb that fell. Thankfully nothing broke and the stone was re-set later in the year. 


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