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An ongoing project

In 1990-91 I attempted to make a photographic record of all the slate tombstones in the North Weymouth Cemetery. I spent quite a lot of my own personal money and time to do this, and have four or five books of photos from that time.  With the leaps and bounds that technology has made in the past 15 years, it is now possible to take a digital camera out to the cemetery, and then post those pictures directly on line. I have now started the process of doing this. On Sat, Apr. 19, 2008 I spent 3 hours photographing slate and marble headstones on the Old East side of the cemetery. I will begin posting these to a Flickr site as time allows.

Because many of the marble stones have deteriorated, and because lighting conditions are not always perfect, I  have decided to use the shaving cream trick to bring out the letters on some of the stones. This is to get the most information from the stone as possible, before it is completely lost.  It is my hope that these photos come out well enough, combined perhaps with the photo's taken in 1990, to make a good record and source of information, and to save a bit of New England History before it is lost.

Please keep in mind this is an ongoing project done in my spare time.

As of the spring of 2010,to the best of my knowledge, all but a few of the newer marble government markers have been photographed and posted. Most are labeled if legible. They can be searched by name, but I find that sometimes things that should come up don't always, so try different ways to search, either by last name, then first name or look for stones nearby in the series of photos. If you have a problem and cannot find a grave you are looking for, send me an email and I will try to help.

Many old stones no longer exist. Its a sad fact. Even some stones that were recorded in the 1950's are no longer in existence.

Now that the basics have been done, I am going back and retaking pictures of stones that didn't show up well, or were hard to read. I will be adding these as time allows and as the stones are cleaned.