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Honors Biology

Marine Iguanas.  Isabella Island, Galapagos, Equador.  July 29, 2014.
Course Description

Honors Biology is a one credit survey course designed to introduce students to the basic concepts and skills associated with the Life Sciences.  This course features a learning approach that emphasizes reading, writing, inquiry, and communicating biological concepts.  The course includes laboratory experiences to introduce and/or reinforce the classroom instruction. 

Book Report Instructions  

 Fall Semester Schedule of Topics Spring Semester Schedule of Topics
IntroductionUnit 3:  Evolution 
Unit 1:  Chemistry and Cells Unit 4:  Ecology
Unit 2:  Genetics  

The textbook used in this course is Campbell:  Biology In Focus.  There are a limited number of copies available and must be left in the classroom.  A CD is available for check-out.