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Practice Schedule - 2017

May 30-June 19 - North Creek:

Weekday afternoon practice starts Tuesday, May 30 at North Creek pool and runs through Monday, June 19

    4:30-5:30pm for ages 13+

    6:15-7:15pm for ages 11-12

    5:30-6:15pm for ages 10 & under


Remember to bring your MVF Activity cards. The pool is open to the public during these practice sessions.

PRE-TEAM evaluations will be held  during the first 2 weeks of practice. Please see the coach to sign up for an evaluation time. 

Preteam practice will begin June 12 (afternoon) and June 20 (morning).Groups/times will be announced after evaluations are completed.

June 22 through end of season -  North Creek and Hurley Park:

Weekday morning practice is held at North Creek

    Age 11+ is 8:30-10:00

    Age 10 and under is 10:00-11:00 

Weekday afternoon practice is held at Hurley Park pool 

    Age 10 and under is  6:15-7:15 

    Age 11+ is 7:15-8:15  

Swimmers are encouraged to come to both practice sessions if they are physically able to.

Pre-team is held concurrently in groups organized by ability. 

The PM preteam groups start lessons on June 13 (afternoon) and June 22 (morning). 
There are no PM Pre-Team lessons on the nights of the B-Meets!!!

Pre-Team 1Pre-Team 2Pre-Team 3Developmental
5:30-6:00pm 6/13-6/206:00-6:30pm 6/13-6/206:30-7:15pm 6/13-6/206:30-7:15pm 6/13-6/20
6:15-6:45pm starting 6/226:45-7:15pm starting 6/227:15-8:00pm starting 6/227:15-8:00pm starting 6/22
Group A (Ciara)Group A (Ciara)Bernie P.Leah G.
Sabrina M.Abigel G.Guillermo M.Paula G.
Isabela P.Anthony H.Timothy D.Rayna M.
Jasmine H.Blaise S.
Brianna C.
Nethuki J.Sabina I.Fabian M.
Holisou R.Francis W. David M.
Peyton V.Aidan A.Kevin M.
Christopher J.Yassin S.
Thomas H.Group B (Kiara)
Vivian P.Max I.
Group B (Kiara)Samara M.
Leslie F.Anthony P.
Neluni P.Zacque D.
Cristina M.Bryan C
Amy O.Diego C
Ashley M.Annabelle M.
Camila F.
Valeria G.
Allyson R.
 Sarah E.   
 Camila V.   

Morning pre-team starts on Wednesday, June 22nd and will be held at North Creek Pool all summer.

Pre-Team 1Pre-Team 2Developmental
9:00-9:30am @ NC9:30-10:00am @ NC10:00-10:30am @ NC
Addison S.Bintou B.Nidhi S.
Brooklyn R.Nehemiah C. 
Dylan H.Noah H. 
Jordan S. Ivanna M. 
Namya S. Christian H 
Kim X.  
Namya S.  
Suleiyma R.  
Stella R.  

**Neptunes weather policy: Scheduled practices occur rain or shine! However, in the event of a thunderstorm, all swimmers will be pulled from the water and the pool will be temporarily closed. After 30 minutes with no more thunder, the pool will re-open and practice will resume. If there are too many 30 minute closures, practice may be cancelled. When possible, cancellations will be posted to the team’s Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/northcreek.neptunes and/or on the main page of the website.