The Neptunes are your local neighborhood swim team and compete in the Montgomery County Swim League (MCSL). The season starts in mid-May and runs through July. The children learn to swim better and faster, have fun with neighbors, and enjoy the summer. Team practices start at North Creek after school in June, then are either at North Creek (mornings) or Hurley Park pools (evenings). The team competes in A meets against local area teams on Saturday mornings (highly competitive meet) and B meets on Tuesday or Wednesday evenings (evolving competitive meet). 

**Changes for 2021 only - All practices and meets will be at Hurley Park due to ongoing construction at North Creek. In addition, there will be no B meets this year.

Rates for 2021 are $140 for the first swimmer, $130 for each additional swimmer. Families that do not live in Montgomery Village also have to pay a MV recreation membership fee for swimmers (See the MVF web site), but they also gain access to the Village pools and tennis facilities.  To swim on the North Creek Neptune’s Swim Team MV families should be living in one of the following residential neighborhoods: Apple Ridge, Arrowhead, Dogwood, Dorsey’s Regard, Essex Place, Fairidge, Greentree, Highfield, Highland Hall, Holly Point, Lilac, Magnolia, McKendree, McRory, Overlea, Partridge Place, Perry Place, Pleasant Ridge, The Points, Red Bud, Salems Grant, Shadow Oak, Williams Range.

Swimmers and parents also make new friends and participate in social events like mini-golfing, movie nights, pep rallies, and pasta pot-lucks. For parents we also have a Steak & Crab BBQ. 

Summer swim teams are a long and strong tradition in Montgomery Village, and the memories, friendships, and experiences last a lifetime. 


The North Creek Neptune’s Pre-Team is considered one of the best bargains in the Village (MV Moms Email List, 2011!). For $130, the team turns most young children (from 5 to 7 years old) into little fish. The Neptunes offer both morning and evening pre-team sessions, and we group swimmers into three levels: beginners (Group 1), intermediate (Group 2), and advanced (Group 3). Some swimmers spend a summer in each level, and others may move through 2 or 3 levels in a single season. Beginner and intermediate groups are taught by one of our certified coaches and several junior/senior high school assistants. The Advanced groups are smaller and taught by a coach. The Pre-Team groups can also compete in special “Mini-Meets” with kick-boards or assistants, often winning lollipops, popsicles, and having a LOT of fun! 

There are no Pre-Team lessons on the nights of the B-Meets. The Pre-Team lesson times are 30 minutes long between 9:00 and 11AM in the morning and between 6:15 and 8:15 in the evenings.


The Team Representatives run the team during the year and the A and B reps organize and run the meets each week. Please contact them every week and let them know how you can help. It makes their job easier and more fun. If your child is swimming, you should be there helping before, during, or after the meet! Contact a rep if you have any questions. 

Team Rep: Jen Hammond 

Assistant: Kristi Lauritsen

A Meet Rep: ~position open

B-Meet Rep: ~position open~

Pre-team Rep: Michelle Decarlo