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Aireface: Meet Jack

Name and Age: Jack, 6 years old  
Where do you live? Melrose, Massachusetts
How did you get your name?  The breeder named my two brothers and I after three characters on the show Lost and my humans that bought me kept it. 
What are your nicknames?  Furball
What were you doing when they took this picture?  I took my toy Big Red outside and my mom thought I looked really cute (which I always do) and took the picture. 
Where/how/why did you end up in your current home?  I was purchased from a breeder in Massachusetts. 
What makes you happy?  Food, belly rubs, back rubs, car rides where I can stick my snout out the window, walks, the dog park. Did I mention food?
What do you work hardest to avoid? Being home alone. I will use my big brown eyes to make them feel as guilty as possible for leaving the house.
Do you know any special tricks?  I can do "paw" when I want a treat. I could have learned more in puppy school because I am smart enough but I did not feel like doing them.
What do you like most about your people?  They give me lots of attention and play with me. And feed me. And buy me squeaky toys which I love and they let me squeak them even when I know it is driving them crazy.