NEAR gets wonderful messages from our adopters. Here are some examples from more recent adoptions.

Augie and Levi are beyond precious and absolutely perfect and loved. A classic Airedale cut will look great on the boys and will highlight their gorgeous Airedale features. Thank you again for making this match. Augie and Levi have exceeded our wildest hopes and we look forward to many happy, healthy years with them. We'll certainly keep you updated!

Marley is still going strong albeit a little slower. He turned 15 and our walks around the block are at a leisurely pace. He continues to bark at the stairs every time he sees them but does manage going up and down, with some help. He is deaf but I am convinced he always had selective hearing.

AJ Just wanted you to know that you made the perfect match! AJ is Our Boy and we love him to pieces. And it's been the perfect match for our two wire fox terriers, Lucy and Esther, also. We've never had such a goofy, fun dog. He makes us laugh from morning to night with his crazy antics. And surprisingly, he's a love bug. He loves hugs and kisses and secrets whispered in his ears. To our amazement, he has come to love his blankets and being covered up and tucked in, and happily stands to be dried off from the rain. He comes over to have his warm coat put on and would probably wear it 24/7 if we let him. He's especially his Pa's Boy and waits on the step for him to come home every day from work. They have a special bond. I call them "my cranky old men." Thank goodness you took a chance on him and us. We can't image being without him.

Lily has been such a blessing to me, I thank you for sending her my way.

Willy As you can see things are pretty relaxed here. The cat is usually with them on the couch but he has gone to work and is in my office sleeping on the router. Willy is a joy. He was on my lap for a thunderstorm! Literally! He is affectionate, silly and loves to play.

Thank you for bringing Archie into my life - he was pure joy! He was often called a “gentleman” on our walks around Brookline and Boston. But he also loved running with friends in the parks. Archie was so fast and beautiful he reminded me of a racehorse galloping. He was also affectionate and liked to sit on my lap in the car. Over the years he’s appeared in two books and attended so many classes at BU that he may be eligible for a degree. He was a soldier too, and vigilantly protected his pack, especially from cats!

Neither Rascal nor Ginger swim. They want to drink the water and try to every year and discover that it taste like salt and gag. The next day they try it again. They think it changed over night. .

Maggie passed on Friday. It was a gentle passing and she was never in distress. I want to thank you for your kindness in bringing this happy, silly clown into my life. She was a wonderful presence in my life for over 13 years and she made me laugh every day. What a gift. I do want another Airedale in my life.

Kayla When I sit in my chair we are eye to eye. She is so adorable. She doesn’t jump up or anything. She just visits. She’s a very good girl.

Rascal was a gift beyond words. He was funny, playful, loving, friendly but also protective of his family. He loved going for long walks in the woods where he found new sniffs. We loved and still love him dearly. He dug a hole in our hearts, we miss him terribly. NEAR has assisted us in the doption of five dogs over many years. We thank you for all your time and energy ad for all that you do to make these adoptions a reality.

Jet and Rockstar, adopted together at ages 8 and 9. Their adopter is amazing, worked through numerous challenges with this pair.