About Us

Do you have puppies?

Rarely do we have puppies - puppies are made cute for a reason - to make you forget the mess and destruction they create!

Our dogs can be any age, from active adolescents to sweet geriatrics. The resilience of almost all our dogs to adapt to a new family usually comes as a delightful surprise to people who think they can only "bond" with a puppy.

Know of an Airedale that needs help?

If you become aware of an Airedale that needs help, please let us know immediately. While we automatically know about dogs listed on petfinder or Craigslist or in most classified ads, not all shelters or pounds or owners list dogs where we can find out about them. We cannot help if we do not know about a dog. If you have an Airedale and are unable to keep or provide for him, please contact us for help in making the best plan for your dog.

How do we find out about our dogs?

We learn about Airedales in need from a variety of sources. We are notified by shelters, groomers, vets or just via "the grapevine". Thankfully, many Airedales in need of a home have been placed with willing people to open their homes to a dog who is a bit down on his luck at the moment and we get a lot of smiling faces on both sides of the leash!

Who are we?

We are a volunteer organization helping purebred Airedale Terriers, with a 501c3 charitable trust status that covers the six states of the New England Region (CT, MA, RI, VT, NH, ME). Each region of the United States has rescue groups organized to helping Airedales in need, and we work cooperatively to see that no Airedale in this country goes homeless.