AireFace: Meet Grace

Where do you live? Litchfield, CT

How did you get your name? I was adopted with the name, and my family wouldn't consider changing it on me.

What are your nicknames? Princess Grace, Gracie Bear, Monkey and Miss Silly Pants.

What were you doing when they took this picture? Resting in bed on a cold winter day.

Where/how/why did you end up in your current home? I originally lived with a very large family up in Maine with very little property and crated all day. Lucky for my new parents, I would get bored and chew on things and that is why I was given to NEAR!

What makes you happy? Belly rubs, snuggling with my family, my brother Airedale, Hooligan (I boss him around quite a bit)and FOOD, particularly the human kind.

What do you work hardest to avoid? Any sort of "work" that is exhausting. While I love my walks-I do love to sleep. Also, I am not very happy if anyone thinks about going near my bone collections-they are mine!!

Do you know any special tricks? Oh yes, while my brother tries the real pathetic look angle while begging, I can remain perfectly calm with my paws crossed. Mommy and Daddy never can resist.

What do you like most about your people? They love me more than you can imagine and let me get my way most of the time. Love the weekend snuggle/sleeps in with them.

Name and Age: Grace, 11 years young