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Here's what the adopters have to say:

"Augie and Levi are beyond precious and absolutely perfect and loved. A classic Airedale cut will look great on the boys and will highlight their gorgeous Airedale features. Thank you again for making this match. Augie and Levi have exceeded our wildest hopes and we look forward to many happy, healthy years with them. We'll certainly keep you updated!"

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Who needs aire-conditioning when you're this cool?

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Here's what our rescuers have shared.

There's a very happy ending for an Airedale that really needed NEAR's help.

Faith was surrendered to a shelter because she needed expensive vetting that the family wouldn't provide. Faith had a badly torn cruciate ligament but couldn't have that surgery until she lost a lot of weight (she was obese), plus she had severe intestinal issues that would take patience to figure out. A wonderful NEAR adopter sped to Faith's rescue, and after months of vet visits and much money, Faith is now a happy, loved, active Airedale who sure found the right forever home.

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