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JESSIE is dreaming of her Prince Charming to come and give her a loving forever home

Currently in a foster home in CT, Jessie is a 2 1/2 year old healthy AireGirl. The home she is dreaming of would be one where she can be the only pet with adults to give her kind and informed leadership. Her original home of elderly frail folks was unable to teach her how to be the wonderful princess she will be, where she had little socialization and training. She has many great qualities and will be a super Airedale in a home that gives her what she needs. If you want to hear more about Jessie, please contact Barbara Curtiss at sculptaire@snet.net.

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Another happy ending...

Here's what the adopters have to say:

"Blue (formally Bear) is one of the sweetest Airedales ever and that all is going wonderfully in his new home. Don't get me wrong, we have had our challenges but nothing that we are no able to work through. Quite frankly Blue is the first Airedale that I have had that is ready willing and able to play with other dogs. I take him quite regularly to the Kennel that we board and have him groomed at for exposure, exercise and socialization. He loves it and it really helped to acclimate him to the environment for when we go on vacation and for when he needs to be there for grooming. He will run in the field with all of the other daycare dogs without a problem, plays for a while but ultimately chooses to be around the humans. He is quite a clown and sometimes (or should I say most times) has no idea where his 75 pound body is (needless to say we are overly cautious when he bounds down the stairs or gets crazy in the yard).

I could go on forever but really just wanted you to know he is well and we love him to pieces! Last week he had his first real Airedale groom and the day after a woman stopped her car to tell us how handsome he is."

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Here's what our rescuers have shared.

There's a very happy ending for an Airedale that really needed NEAR's help.

Faith was surrendered to a shelter because she needed expensive vetting that the family wouldn't provide. Faith had a badly torn cruciate ligament but couldn't have that surgery until she lost a lot of weight (she was obese), plus she had severe intestinal issues that would take patience to figure out. A wonderful NEAR adopter sped to Faith's rescue, and after months of vet visits and much money, Faith is now a happy, loved, active Airedale who sure found the right forever home.

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