Rider Resources

People have asked if they can use the training range when classes are not being conducted.  The short answer is yes, however, if you use the range, make sure you go with someone else.  Should you drop the bike and are trapped under it, or if you are injured, you might not be noticed for quite a while.  It's always safer to have a training partner to practice with.  

Below are the BRC diagrams and range markings for all courses.  There are a set of small orange and green cones on the shelves behind the CONEX containers.  Feel free to use them, but please put them back when you're done.  Also, if you move the large traffic cones, be sure to put them back as you found them, as those are used by the Fire Department for their training.

Basic RiderCourse (BRC)
Range Diagrams

BRC Range Diagrams.pdf

Nellis AFB
Range Markings

Nellis AFB range markings.pdf

State Licensing and Reciprocity Information

State Licensing Information and Reciprocity.pdf

Other Resources and Handouts

Class Descriptions.pdf
MSF Quick Tips - Guide to Group Riding.pdf
How to Pick Up a Motorcycle.pdf
Motorcycle Tire Safety.pdf
Dispelling Myths and Clichés.pdf
MSF BRC Rider Handbook 2017.pdf
Increasing Motorcycle Awareness for Riders and Drivers.pdf
Total Stopping Distance.pdf
Loud Pipes Save Lives (or The Madness Behind the Myth).pdf
Steer Gear - So How Do You Actually Turn a Motorcycle.pdf
Motorcycle Headlight Modulations Systems (CFR 49).pdf
Preventing motorcycle theft.pdf
So you think you want a Harley … (for your first motorcycle).pdf
Going to the Darkside.pdf
Brake the Motorcycle - Dont Break the Fun of the Ride.pdf
Pre-MSF Motorcycle Safety Training.pdf
NRS 486-Nevada Motorcycle Equipment Requirements
Motorcycle Humor and Other Words of Wisdom.pdf