Kunst & Leven, Art & life.

Welcome to these pages! 

A place where you will find images, stories and links of the variety of my work as a free artist.
 For all of my life I am working in a large field of art. 
It enrichess my work and life to have crossovers, and it makes me stay active, even as some part of the arts is out of fashion, which I notice throughout the years, can suddenly happen.

This is about singing, producing music-theatre, writing plays, film and video, photography, drawing, painting and sculpturing. If you please: visit also www.kunstrijk.nl, my life's work as a playwright.
If you have any questions, a wish or a need for voice-coaching: please contact me! 

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Ik ben ook inspirator en artistiek directeur van stichting KunstRijk www.kunstrijk.nl
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