Kunst & Leven, Art & life.

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A place where you will find images, stories and links of the variety of my work as a free artist.

This is about singing, producing music-theatre (semi-opera), writing plays, film and video, photography, drawing, painting and sculpturing. If you please: visit also www.kunstrijk.nl, my life's work as a producer and playwright. Or watch my travels all around Europe for beautiful art www.nieuwboerfotografie.nl

If you have any questions, a wish or a need for my skills as an allround producer or for voice-coaching: please contact me!


Coming up:

15 & 16 september 2018 atelierlint Soest (actueel@agenda)

Winter 2018 exposition Castellum Alphen a/d Rijn (actueel@agenda)

Out of my passion of theatre I am working on 'La Convivencia, stemmen van het zuiden' . A project about the time that religions and different cultures were together realising a beautiful culture. Like in the south of Spain (Andalusië), but also the south of France (Narbonne, Orange and Aquitanië). Working together with professional artists like Kamal Hors ( www.kamalhors.nl Ud speler with Maroccan roots), Esther Putter www.estherputter.nl , Peter Schoenaker www.peterschoenaker.nl etc (If I do find the money to pay them!..very busy with it)

KAMPEN Tradinghouse: Over the years I did a lot of research on old buildings and sites. I made 3D stories on them. Now I am working on a historical artproject for a very old tradinghouse in Kampen NL.

De afgelopen jaren heb ik veel theaterstukken geschreven en met groepen acteurs en musici uitgevoerd op bijzondere locaties

Bezoek ook mijn pagina met beeldhouwwerken en schilderijen

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