NCBCH Membership

NCBCH is a non profit volunteer service organization.  We work with our public land managers to preserve, maintain, and enhance the equine recreational opportunities in our area.  Our volunteers work to clean and maintain trails, and they also become another set of eyes able to report any problems in a certain area.  By joining, you may count yourself as someone who is interested in improving equine recreation in our area. When local governments see how effectively volunteers can maintain and preserve the trails and save them money it is a win for both the taxpayers and equestrians.   

Our volunteer hours count and across our nation this is the one thing that will help us keep or enhance our riding areas.

NCBCH welcomes and depends on your involvement.  Join us now to preserve our right to ride on public lands in Florida.

NCBCH Membership Application

    Our project that defined loops for the Croom equestrian trail system, placed signs in the forest for these loops, and provided maps for equestrians based on the signage.

Bill Erhlich clearing a downed
 tree on the Woodpecker trail.

Our tractor team