About Us

Nature Coast Back Country Horsemen

 NCBCH is a local chapter of Back Country Horsemen of Florida (BCHFL). 

BCHFL is a state chapter of the nationwide organization, Back Country Horsemen of America(BCHA). 
Becoming a member of NCBCH is a commitment to keeping trails on public lands in 
Hernando, West Sumter, and NE Pasco county open to equestrians and to establishing 
good working relationships with our local land managers.  We volunteer and work closely with our land managers with whom we have established a great working relationship.  We maintain the existing trails, have opened many new trails, installed signage, and we print up-to-date maps in order
 to make riding the trails enjoyable for all.

By joining our BCHA family, you will be working to preserve our local trails and you will be 
uniting with trail riders across Florida and across America to preserve our equestrian trails statewide and nationwide, as well. By uniting into one voice and we can and will make a difference!