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Croom Forest

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Oct 22–24,2022

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Nov. 5–27, 2022

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Nov. 29, 2022–March 6, 2023

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NCBCH News September 2022

Hey there Nature Coast Back Country Horsemen.

As the summer winds down and we start to prepare for the riding season I wanted to let you know what we have been doing behind the scenes. First and foremost we had to change banks, and long story short Lorri Kindburg facilitated a total transfer of all our banking to Regions and we completed the process a couple weeks ago Big thanks to her for getting this all put together and executing the transition.

We are looking forward to having our first fall meeting in late October, more info to come. We are looking at meeting venues and will communicate the date and location when we get it ironed out.

Reminder that the Croom Enduro is this weekend Sept 24th so be aware that there will be dirt bikes all through the forest. Loud, fast dirt bikes! Please be safe if you choose to go out this weekend.

Trail conditions:

I have personally scouted about half of the forest over the last couple weeks. I cleared the tree off the Tucker Hill Trail connector to Spirit Mt. Trail, moved a bunch of deadfall off various trails and reestablished original routes. There has been a lot of work along the power lines as they have been doing their 5 year side cutting and clearing projects. It’s a bloody mess out there and the equipment has made the power line pretty hacked up. it’s passable but just be careful as there is a lot of debris on the ground. I have received a couple reports of garbage dumps. I went out, validated and reported the locations to forestry. They are spread thin and warned me it may be a bit before they can dispatch a crew to go clean up. They are aware and will get to it all as soon as possible.

I also want to mention that I cleaned up Spirit Mountain Trail a little bit. There were a few places where folks had started to avoid the step ups and roots and made side trails. Please don’t do this. If there is a trip hazard please report it and I’ll go out and address it. I cut out the roots that would trip up a horse for now and we will see how it goes, I also piled up branches on the side trails to discourage shortcuts. It was done purposely and should be obvious when you see it. Spirit Mountain requires a level technical ability that may not be suitable for every horse and that’s okay, but we don’t want to change the route unless we have to for erosion or safety issues. Same goes for downed trees, if there is a tree in the trail that forces you to go around it please let me know so we can remove it. Thank you for protecting our existing trails and our privilege to be in the State Forest!!

I am working with Forestry to get our winter projects lined up. On the agenda is some much needed work at Tucker Hill around the water tank which will include a pressure wash and repaint. This tank has been a wonderful resource for horses and we want to keep it pristine. The entrance and approach to the tank on the other hand is an issue that we will need to address. The east end of the lot where the fence allows access to the wash rack and the water tank has been a constant erosion issue causing holes and trip hazards and generally washing out the water tank are. I am working with Forestry on solutions but it will likely include blocking of access to the tank from the east side of the fence. Access will still be open from the fence perimeter trail and the side trail but we are going to rehabilitate the grass area as it has been the source of multiple issues at the water tank. Speaking of water tanks I know the one off in the woods at Twin ponds got shot up. This was a donation and thankfully has been maintained by John Holzwart. He has been cleaning and filling this tub from a truck mounted tank for who knows how long. I would like to find a more permanent solution for a water source in this area but since it is un-staffed its very difficult to invest in infrastructure that is subject to repeated vandalism. I am open to suggestions as I think we all agree a tub out there with fresh water is beneficial and necessary.

We are also looking forward to scheduling our first work day of 2022. We will be looking to plan an invasive species awareness and irradiation day at Tucker Hill which is overrun with Caesar’s Weed. I have a meeting with Forestry next month to strategize our approach. I hope everyone will participate as we have a lot of work to do!!

So that’s the skinny of what we’ve been up to. Flies are fading away as I type this. I see lots of hoof prints out there, folks are riding, temps are cooling off. The riding season is coming and I Iook forward to seeing you all out in the woods.

Best regards

Charlie Kemp

NCBCH President

Officers and board members 2022

President – Charlie Kemp

Vice President – Bob Hopta

Secretary – Ann Hopta

Treasurer – Lorri Kindberg

Board of Directors – Lee Adams, Donna Allen, Martha Casisa, Bill Ehrlich

Volunteer of the Year 2021 - Charlie Kemp

Charlie Kemp and Molly Rider

Nature Coast Back Country Horsemen’s 2021 Volunteer of the Year awardee is Charlie Kemp. Charlie has enthusiastically given his time and expertise to better our organization. He has acted as a liaison with SWAMP (mountain bike group in Croom) and FFS. Although Charlie is not a ‘horse’ person but rather a ‘bike’ person he strongly supports his wife Vicki as an equestrian. He and his sidekick Molly Rider regularly travel Croom trails by either biking, hiking or on his quad (with a valid permit) to address and correct trail issues.

He identifies problem trail issues, creates safe and sustainable alternatives and submits these plans to FFS for their input and approval. He created plans for Smith Prairie Trail Head (where NCBCH won the prestigious Back Country Horsemen of America’s Double Diamond Award), worked with the FFS biologist to reroute the extremely eroded portion of the access trail out of Tucker Hill Trail Head to create a sustainable and safe trail.

He is currently on NCBCH’s board.

Becky Card-Swerdloff presented Charlie with a personalized biking shirt. Emblazoned with NCBCH’s logo and his Volunteer of Year status it also has a nod to his passions – his bike and Molly Rider! Thank you Charlie for all you do!

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