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SCST Ubuntu 16.04

Update:  2017 August 5

This page has been superceded by an improved method here for installing SCST DKMS-enabled modules on Ubuntu 15.04-17.04+.  With this improved method, DKMS will take care of updating SCST modules for you across kernel upgrades so you won't have to manually recompile SCST anymore after kernel upgrades. The method is fully scripted and automated and also will optionally build the SCST SAN (create target, group), add LUNs, build the appropriate multipath.conf file, configure multipath, and configure UDEV rules.  The scripted installer is in bash so it can easily be edited to suit your specific SAN design requirement.

Update:  2017 July 7

This procedure has been updated to create a Debian (*.deb) package from latest SCST source code and install it.  The solution is accomplished using checkinstall. 

The solution is entirely scripted and automatic all the way from start, to install of the SCST package and through to creating an SCST file-backed SAN and a fully-configured multipath.conf file.

More information on SCST.
More information on checkinstall.

The scst-files.tar is attached to this post.  It is also available at the Orabuntu-LXC github.

More information on Orabuntu-LXC.

Just use the attached scst-files.tar archive attached.  It creates a Debian *.deb SCST package and installs it automatically, and then also creates a SAN with LUNs and an automatically configured multipath.conf file.

This Debian SCST package builder and SAN builder scripting has been tested in all of the following Ubuntu VMs (and should also work on bare metal Ubuntu installs of the below versions as well):
  • Ubuntu 14.04
  • Ubuntu 15.04
  • Ubuntu 16.04
  • Ubuntu 17.04
To install download the scst-files.tar archive attached to this post to your directory (Where username is the Ubuntu install user or a user that has full 'sudo' privilege).


Untar the scst-files.tar archive:

    tar -xvf scst-files.tar


    cd scst-files

then run:


The script will take care of all the rest automatically. 

The scripting will:
  • Pull the latest SCST source code for SCST using subversion (svn)
  • Build the Debian package from the latest source code using checkinstall
  • Install the Debian package
  • Build and configure the SCST SAN
  • Configure an appropriate /etc/multipath.conf file and install it
  • Start the SCST SAN
  • Run a suite of tests to verify SCST correct operation
July 8 2017
Gilbert Standen
St. Louis, MO

Gilbert Standen,
Jul 7, 2017, 6:10 PM