Configuring IPMI Console Redirection


Out-of-the box the Firefox browser on Oracle Linux 7 desktop will not know how to open the console IPMI for example for Supermicro IPMI.  There is a good reference here at the Spirit of Discordance website how to set this up.

Just in case that reference ever vanishes, here are the steps.

Make sure you have icedtea-web install.

yum install icedtea-web

Next follow these instructions.

1. Select "Open With" and instead of the default app (ie with gEdit, Chrome, Firefox etc. may be displayed), click on the app name to "choose another"
2. Then navigate to /bin and select "javaws'
3. Select "Do this automatically for files like this from now on"
4. Click "OK"

...the Java app will launch and you have to "trust" and click "yes" on a couple of screens.

Now you've got working console redirection.