My Trail Mixx

2022 Humphreys Basin

A long weekend exploration of Humphreys Basin... ...continued

2022 Dusy and Palisade Basins

A leisurely trip from the South Lake Trailhead over Bishop Pass to Dusy and Palisade basins... ...continued

2021 Lyell Fork of the Merced

On the other side of the Cathedral Range, there is a lessor known Lyell Fork of the Merced... ...continued

2020 Shepherd Pass to Wright, Wales, Tulainyo, and Milestone

An 8 day trip over Shepherd Pass to Upper Wright, Wales, and Tulainyo Lakes and Milestone Basin. ...continued

2019 Ansel Adams Wilderness

Ansel Adams Wilderness, east of the Ritter Range is a magical place, especially when bright colorful wildflowers, lush green meadows, active streams, and snow-patched granite spires are calling for your attention. ...continued

2019 Alta, Moose, Kings-Kaweah Divide, Tableland

A simple loop from Wolverton to Alta Meadows, Moose Lake, Lake 11,200 at the Kings-Kaweah Divide, Lake 10,559 in the Tableland and back to Wolverton ...continued

2018 Pioneer Basin and Grinnell Lake

A 7 day trip from the Mosquito Flat Trailhead into Mono Creek valley and some of its side basins, up to Grinnell Lake for a backpacking forum meetup, and finally out to the McGee Creek Trailhead ...continued

2017 Mt Hoffman

From Mt Hoffmann’s 10,856’ summit, at practically the geographic center of Yosemite, one can view Yosemite’s granitic monoliths in all directions, including the iconic Cathedral Peak, Cloud’s Rest, and Half Dome ...continued

2017 Lower Lamarck and Wonder Lakes

Forecasted showers, thunderstorms and monsoonal moisture conditions did not deter us from this trip ...continued

2017 Carrizo Plain Wildflowers

...Carrizo's valley, and the Temblor Range in particular, recently exploded in a profusion of colors ...continued

2016 Lake Catherine SAR and Rehab

...I soon realized I was at the bottom of the cliff I was attempting to climb down ...continued

2016 Sabrina Basin

3-day early summer outing at Sabrina Basin ...continued

2016 Mt Gibbs

An early June dayhike to Mt Gibbs from the Mono Pass/Parker Pass trailhead along Tioga Road ...continued

2016 California Desert

A multi-day drive through Joshua Tree, Mojave Desert, and Death Valley in mid-April ...continued

2016 Castle Peak (Official Summit)

Approximate 7 mile out and back hike to Castle Peak's official summit, requiring a short class 3 climb at the top ...continued

2015 High Sierra Trail to Kaweah Basin

This 9-day trip was a meetup for members of a backpacking forum, many who had not met each other before. The location was a beautiful pristine lake, off the beaten path in the remote Kaweah Basin in the middle of Sequoia NP ...continued

2015 Mt Lyell (no summit)

From Tuolumne Meadows, 12 miles along Lyell Canyon and the JMT/PCT to set up a dayhike to Mt Lyell and the Lyell Glacier ...continued

2014 Mt Langley and Miter Basin

5 day solo trip from the Cottonwood Lakes trailhead to Miter Basin and Mt Langley, making use of both Old and New Army Passes ...continued

2014 Koip and Kuna Peaks, Alger Lakes

4 day out and back trip from Yosemite’s Mono Pass trailhead over Parker Pass to Alger Lakes with an excursion to Koip and Kuna Peak ...continued

2014 Hite Cove Trail

A late April hike along the Hite Cove Trail, widely known to be one of the premier places in California for viewing wildflowers ...continued

2014 US Route 395

Sights from a leisurely drive up US Route 395 from Los Angeles towards South Tahoe and the SF Bay Area ...continued

2013 SEKI Onion Valley to Whitney Portal

6 day 56 mile solo hike from the Onion Valley Trailhead in Independence to Whitney Portal with detours to Lake South America and Whitney's summit ...continued

2012 Yosemite Mt Dana Dayhike

5.6 mile round trip dayhike from the Tioga Pass entrance station to the top of Mt Dana ...continued

2012 SEKI Onion Valley to Rae Lakes

5 Day 38 mile solo hike from the Onion Valley trailhead in Independence to the Rae Lakes area and back ...continued

2012 Yosemite Mono Meadow to Ottoway Lakes

5 day 37 mile out-and-back from Mono Meadow to Lower Ottoway Lake with a layover day to Red Peak Pass ...continued

2011 SEKI Bishop North Lake to South Lake

9 day solo on the classic route from Bishop’s North Lake to South Lake passing through Humphries Basin, Evolution Valley, Evolution Basin, and Dusy Basin ...continued

2010 Yosemite Vogelsang Loop

4 day 28 mile loop up Rafferty Creek to Emeric Lake, Townsley Lake, and back along Lyell Fork ...continued

2010 SEKI Mineral King Loop

Classic loop from the Mineral King trailhead along Timber Gap, Blackrock Pass, Big Five Lakes, Lost Canyon, Columbine Lake, Sawtooth Pass and back ...continued

2008 Yosemite Hetch Hetchy to Lake Vernon

Out and back trip from Hetch Hetchy to Lake Vernon ...continued